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Pure Thought

             When I think, I think in words. I don't mean to, I just do. I get the feeling that most people do. How much does the english language guide the way that my mind works? If my native tounge was japanese would I have different thought experiences than I do as an american?I wonder if people who speak multiple languages are capable of better understanding their world. Is it more fully realized by the various idiosyncrasies of words meanings?      After some pondering about whether a multilinguist can "think" grander than a monolinguist, meditation reared its head. If the point of meditation is to silence the mind for greater clarity, could it be that words are actually getting in the way? Instead of helping define our world, could language actually be hindering our minds, chaining our thoughts to rigid concepts? Is there a pure form of thought that exists without language? A pure form of thought that is powerful and free? Is this what the mystics and monks a